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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2010 10:30pm-11:00pm PST

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for that area and that is one question that is not need toi te will need to look at as we get further into the discussion of how this is being set up. there are certainly a lot of challenges. if they are to be preserved, it would be a huge job in comparison to creating new units. the development agreement sets of the situation where it can
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proceed at its own speed. the way the development committee is set up, when they perceived with development they can proceed with respect to replacement units and transportation improvements and that kind of thing. >> i guess i was asking for other examples, trying to get a picture of what this will look like. >> i think it is important, because it is tremendously flexible. on the part of the developer, i can understand. it is certainly advantageous to the developer, and i am trying to understand how that impacts the city itself and what that means in the long run.
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you do not have to answer that. it is too late. maybe we will ask that next time. on to the development agreement, you are not proposing to pose any other revisions through the holidays, are you? i can safely go through draft 3 if i have it. that is about all i have. i thought last week's meeting was unusual but kind of a refreshing change from the way we do business, and since we're on somebody else's turf, i think expanding the presentation was all right to give people a chance to say what they wanted, since a lot of them have difficulties getting down to
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city hall, so i thought that was all right, and we're back on our turf now in a sense, and we will see how that goes. >vice-president olague: i also want to thank people for showing up last week. if that is pretty impressive. i agree with commissioner sugaya. people have the opportunity to address the commission, so i was grateful for that. >> you have completed your public hearing on this item.
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there is no action completed by you. >> i just have one question for the next hearing. we just continued until the 13th of january. wasn't there a presentation that was supposed to be made tonight? >> correct. we also are working to catch up on all the individual questions that are raised. we will present any thing from seismic safety to the building that will be demolished. >> that is not my saying.
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if you could throw in the phasing aspect. >> of all that will be on the 13th. that concludes tonight's presentation on this item. we are not finished. we still have the general public comments. >> is there any general public comment on non-agenda items? >> eric brooks, once again representing the green party and the local grassroots organization. you will soon be having returned to view of portion of the ceqa process legislation. i noticed you did not get a lot of folks like me that were speaking on the previous
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discretionary review, but i can tell you the same parties concerned about discretionary review are even more concerned about the changes in ceqa access and more alarmed by them, so that is why you are getting a piece of them back. a lot of us are working on a lot of different land use projects. i wanted to come here while you were considering ceqa, but i did not have time. there is a great level of concerns expressed of the board of supervisors, and that is why this is coming back to you. it is not something most of the folks are also just as concerned if not more about this, and we would like you to give it more scrutiny this time. >> i want to also put that out
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there. there were pieces we actually thought work. >> the entire package was something we want to see. thank you. >> i need to say daniel phillips has been removed by the board. he has no right. >> this has nothing to do with this commission. >> they faced -- >> that is private to you. is there additional public comment on non-agenda items bowman none of your -- items famines and if there is none, --
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is there additional public comment? if not, this hearing is over.
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